Created By God

The fact that you were created by God sounds familiar, doesn’t it? After all, God created everything. But, the important part to remember is that you are a work in progress! God is still at work in you, creating the person God had in mind from the very beginning!

In short, God has had you in mind from the very beginning. God also had in mind a path by which you would move from childhood to adulthood. You’ve been walking that path since you were born, but now it’s time for your leisurely stroll to shift into a jog…or maybe even a full-blown run! These next few years will find you making major steps toward being an adult.

God’s incredible act of creation continues each day, and we want to walk beside you and help you in the process. It’s not always an easy process. Your body is changing…your friends are changing…Created by God will help you to understand human growth, sexual development, and reproduction from a Christian perspective. It will help you understand and celebrate the special person you are and the special person you are becoming!