Confirmation is a year-long journey to help sixth graders understand what it means to claim the name Christian and be a part of the United Methodist Church.

The Confirmands, after a year of intense study, prayer, and growth, are offered the opportunity to ask Jesus to come into their hearts and accept Him as their Lord and Savior. They will then be challenged to embrace the Christian faith and live the life of a follower of Jesus.

Building Blocks of Confirmation:
· Relationships…with God and with one another.
· Weekly Classes…to help you grow in your faith and your knowledge of “God and His Covenant People” as we study the scriptures.
· Bible Bites…a chance to spend time with God during the week as you open His Word and prepare for the next lesson.
· Retreats…a time to get away and be alone with God and…awesome weekends of FUN with Christian friends!
· Worship…a gift from God…to be in His presence and a time to praise and honor Him.
· “Hands and Hearts in Service”…reaching out and helping others as we serve.
· “Faith Friends” (Mentoring)…One-on-one time to grow and learn together with an adult “friend in faith.”

Contact Madeline Kamp, Director of Children’s Ministry, at 704-815-1903 for more information.

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